Android Market already has 50 thousand applications

The Android Market this month managed to surpass the “mark” of the 50 thousand available applications, after a strong growth that has intensified in the last two months. April was the month of all records, with around 10,000 applications submitted.

The count is from the AndroLib website, which monitors the number of content available for mobile phones with the Google operating system, and whose “counter” currently marks 51,469 content available to Android users.

The latest statistics on the website show a growth trend that had been occurring since March, when 8,624 new tools were made available, which culminated this month with 9,418 new content. In February the number of new apps submitted did not reach 5,500.

(Global) number of applications submitted per month.  AndroLib image

With regard to the distribution of the offer, the applications section was, at the date of the last statistic, responsible for around 87 per cent of the content, with the remaining 13 per cent for games. At the time, the marker registered 48 thousand contents.

Distribution between applications and games offer.  AndroLib image