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Android M will allow you to select the permissions each app will have

The new version of Android that Google intends to release brings very interesting news for the privacy of users, check out:

Android M
Image: Android Geek

No nickname but with interesting functions

Android versions always get candy names, so far the Android M, as he is being called the successor of Lollipop, has not yet received a name but already has news according to Droid-life.

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What I found most interesting and useful to me so far was the ability to customize the access settings of each application.

In the user's hand

In the user's hand

When installing any App in the Play Store this same app has a series of permissions to access content and features of the device, such as the Facebook messaging application.

Facebook Messenger Permissions for Android

As we can see above, this App for example has requires access to various features of the Smartphone (which is not all listed in the image), the big difference at this point that in Android M we can choose one the features that will allow access.

Currently to install an application we need to accept all access requirements of the same, even for features that we will not use.

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A personal example that I can give just with this application, I do not have the habit of sending voice messages for him, so I do not need to have permission to access my microphone, in Android M I can disable this access, this will imply in the operation of the feature in the application, however, the other functions will remain working normally.

Although I think most users don't care much about these details, anyone who cares about this kind of thing will be happier using the new Android.

Did you like the news? I found her very interesting, very much, share your opinion below in the comments and until next time!

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