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Android leads the smartphone market in Brazil with 56.7%

According to a study by Kantar World Panel, Android is the most used operating system by Brazilians. While Google's operating system has 56.7% of the national smartphone market, Android's global competitor, iOS, gets only 0.4% of this slice.

These numbers are related to the fact that Android is available on a range of handsets from different manufacturers, offering users free choice. Even though Google's operating system runs on mobile devices priced between $ 300 and $ 2,300, the 6th position for the iPhone is surprising, don't you think?

Below you can find a list of the most used operating systems in Brazil:

  1. Android, with 56.7%
  2. Symbian, with 31.5%
  3. Windows Phone with 4%
  4. RIM with 2.7%
  5. Bada, with 0.7%
  6. iOS, with 0.4%
  7. Others, with 3.9%

Did you have any doubt that the national Android market?

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