“Android is not open” says Symbian Foundation


 android You may not be accompanying but recently the executives of Google Android and Symbian Foundation got into a discussion of who has the most “open” platform and who just speaks out.

For Lee Williams of the Symbian Foundation, Android is not an open platform, but just a marketing product.

“Android is not open.

It is a marketing label.

It is controlled by Google.

Clearly a beautiful label but I don’t believe that using Linux is synonymous with open, and they made the mistake of assuming that ”he said.

Rich Miner, co-founder of Android and Vice President of Google Mobile, responded that Google has been presenting open technology in its area of ​​mobility.

Miner recalls that a membership fee of $ 1,500 is required to become a member of the Symbian Foundation, which is not open to individuals.

«If you are talking about a platform and the source code is not completely available for the platform, I should say that it is a mistake to call it an open platform,» replied the Google executive.