Android: how to route internet from a cell phone via Wi-Fi

Check out our quick step by step and learn how to route internet from your Android phone or tablet with other devices over Wi-Fi

Since its first versions, Android allows you to share the internet your phone with another device via Wi-Fi. However, even though the feature is not new, route internet of the cell phone can be a difficult procedure for those who use the system not long ago and consequently has little familiarity with him.

Fortunately, this difficulty only apparent, so much so that we elaborate a quick step by step to teach you how to route internet in most Android phones. Next, see how to activate the router on your smartphone and so give that "strength" to friends who are without mobile data:

screenshot-1-step-by-step-how-to route internet-on-androidStart by accessing your smartphone settings

Step 1: With the mobile data (3G or 4G) of your cell phone already connected, access the settings smartphone. Although in the case of your cell phone the appearance of the menus above is different, just pay attention to nomenclatures and opes presented at each step, since they are usually similar on all Android models;

Step 2: Once on the settings screen, tap the magnifying glass cone, normally displayed in one of the upper corners of the screen;

Step 3: Search for the term “router”And tap the option“WIFI router“;

Screen showing step by step how to route the internet on android, within the menu Wi-Fi Router and DockingBefore you start sharing the internet, it is important that you define a name and password for your network

Step 4: After touching the result, the device displays the menu “Wi-Fi Router and Docking”. Before enabling routing, tap on the “WIFI router”To configure the feature;

Step 5: In the next screen you can change the name and the password router's standard, which will make the network identification as well as the connection to it, as well easier;

Step 6: Touch the button next to the option “Disabled”To finally share your mobile data with others via Wi-Fi.

After completing the step by step, just go to the device receptor and connect to the Wi-Fi network you created. important to mention that function allows you to route your mobile's internet with any other device that can connect via Wi-Fi, including tablets and PCs.

On some cell phone models, in addition to being able to check how many devices connected to the network, the router turn off alone when it is a few minutes without having devices connected. However, it is preferable that you disable the router manually after using it, to avoid spending as much as possible unnecessary power and mobile data.

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Via: Android Authority

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