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Android: How to enable USB debugging

Android, unlike Apple's iOS, is a very flexible operating system with regard to the control that the owner of the device has over his mobile phone. You can customize and configure your phone virtually unlimited, thanks to the system's own customization potential.One of the steps to get full control of your phone is to enable the USB debugging option. This mode is well known to developers, who use it to test applications before making them available to the public.In addition, I need this mode enabled to update your Android version (even with official firmware), root the device, install a new ROM, etc. It is very easy to leave this option on check out the step by step below. Open the application development settings. (Image source: Playback / Keyboard) First open the general settings of your device and look for the Applications option. The second step is to click on Development, the last button on this menu, as shown in the images above.In the menu that has opened there are some options that can be enabled or disabled. The first one USB Debugging; Check your check box to turn it on. Okay, now you can have more control over your phone! Enable USB debug mode. Please note that when this mode is enabled, data transfer via USB cable may not work properly. Simply turn off USB debugging for this feature to function normally. Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.