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Android has security issue that could affect almost 1 billion users

Today a security flaw has been revealed that can be exploited by a simple MMS text message, better understand the problem. Android Phones

Security flaw leaves users exposed

According to estimates, about 950 million Android devices have (for now) this flaw that could allow a hacker to take virtually complete control of their mobile phone, including camera and files.

A short time ago we had a similar crash on iOS

In order for the flaw to be exploited there are some specific conditions, the flaw is to take advantage of the automatic content download mechanism that the Hangouts app uses when it receives text messages.

That way, the only way for a hacker to exploit the flaw would be to send malware via your MMS to your Smartphone, and you also need to use the Hangout app to manage your text messages. That alone is enough and that is what makes the problem worse.

Android security issue
Failure Example

Once the malware has been sent you as a hangouts user need not do anything at all, as the app downloads the MMS content directly, the malware just being sent will already be downloaded to your device and once in your internal memory will enable the hacker attack , allowing access to your data, camera microphone!

Anyone who uses the standard SMS app from Android and does not use Hangouts may be less concerned, because in this case for Malware to infect your Android you would need to open the message and download the content to the Smartphone, ie a normal procedure when you receive a message.

Most worryingly, the user does not need to do anything, just download the content to the smartphone.

Safety Tip

This is a problem to keep an eye out for, it is best to disable automatic downloading of messages if you use Hangouts, but regardless, try not to open MMS from unknown people, only that helps a lot if you use the conventional SMS app.

The crash was reported in April by a user, who would have sent the correction to Google who would have accepted the suggestions, however, the slow Android device update due to the multiple versions of the system that exist and the many manufacturers, therefore, eye open!

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