Android Guide for the Elder

If you usually visit the AndroidPITYou are certainly an advanced technology enthusiast, have a smartphone and dozens of applications for everything and especially for nothing. And there are always around you friends, parents, or grandparents who ask you questions that seem so obvious that they become confused. There are more and more people who are not born in the digital age, who are very interested in new technologies and want to learn, as evidenced by the many members of our community who participate in the forum to greet or email us questions. It is always a pleasure to see that there is not always a big difference between generations.

We decided to propose a broad discussion that will help you answer questions from your friends and family simply to better help them. Which phones and tablets are best suited, practical tips to enhance your experience, but also which applications make life easier and that are also of interest to advanced technology enthusiasts.

A universal problem

Here in the newsroom, we often talk about our parents and grandparents, who often ask us often desperate questions. We noticed that all over the world, in the United States, in Brazil, in Portugal passing through Russia, our seniors had the same concerns, which we summarize here in a video:

Each week we offer you a new chapter in our user guide for all those who do not understand the crazy world of smart phones but are interested and want to learn more. Enthusiastic technology enthusiasts from across the country, let's come together and share our love of Android in a simple, playful and fun way. See you next week.