Android for Beginners: How to disable mobile data usage

Last week I gave one of my mobile devices to my sister, who started using it with a SIM card of her own which she says has no data plan. After two days of use, the operator sent a message saying that she had already used 10 euros of internet. So you might not have the same surprise, in this week's Android for Beginner series, I decided to do this article explaining how to disable the use of mobile data on your smartphone.

If you don't have an unlimited data plan, you probably constantly monitor data usage on your smartphone, right? With carriers offering limits as low as 1GB, surely you already had to pay extra to stay online or even deprived of such services in the middle of the month to not overflow the budget. Fortunately, the Android operating system is flexible and allows the user to disable mobile data traffic at will, in order to save on the phone bill. Even better, it allows the user to set data limits, notifying the user when the monthly quota of data is coming to an end.

Below you will find instructions on how to disable mobile data from your smartphone or, if you prefer, just set limits on this data usage.

Instructions on how to turn off mobile data on an Android device:

1. To turn off mobile data, pull down the notification bar and open the "Settings" from your smartphone.

2. In many phones, the third top-down option "Data Usage".

3. Select this option.

4. From this screen you can monitor the amount of data usage you used during the month.

5. If you wish to turn off mobile data, simply turn the key at the top to "Off".

Disable data plan
To disable mobile data in Android 4.1.2 go to "Data usage" in the device settings menu. / AndroidPIT

Note: The procedure as reported above works only for Android 4.0 or higher. For devices running Android 2.3, follow this path: Notification Bar> Quick Settings> Data Plan> Enable / Disable.

Instructions for setting mobile data limits on an Android device:

1. Setting a data limit can be done by anyone with a limited data plan.

2. From the same screen as "Settings"You can drag the orange warning bar to a limit of your choice.

3. The phone's own operating system will warn you when the mobile data limit is approaching, a notification containing a shortcut to the "Data Usage" screen will be sent to the user.

4. Be sure to define your data usage cycle with your carrier's invoice cycle.

set data plan limit
By setting a limit on your smartphone data usage, you do not risk reaching the end of the month with the internet dragging on. / AndroidPIT

Note: The procedure as reported above works only for Android 4.0 or higher. For devices running Android 2.3, some apps in the Google Play Store are listed as Mobile Counter Pro – 3G, WiFi or, as indicated by Jefferson H., moderator of AndroidPIT Frum, Traffic Monitor Plus.

In addition to the tips above, keep in mind: Whenever you are under Wi-Fi coverage, use the wireless network over your carrier's data plan.

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