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Android can sit on the bench

The European Union may be about to wage a long court battle against Google. After questioning abuses on the company's online search engine, it's time for Android to sit in the rus. The problem: Google Apps pre-installed on devices.

The information comes from the Financial Times, which cites sources linked to EU regulatory agencies. According to the newspaper, an indictment against Android is already being finalized and Justice must be handed over in the coming days.

The problem: Google Apps pre-installed on devices

One of the points raised by Margrethe Vestager, EU competition agent, is that Google apps pre-installed on smartphones go against free competition. For her, the company has an unfair advantage, as it diminishes competitiveness by reducing the chances of new developers reaching users.

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Preinstalled applications would risk competition and innovation / ANDROIDPIT

The idea is to sue Google the same way the EU did in the past with Microsoft. The legal battle with Bill Gates's company involved Media Player, which came bundled with Windows. The lawsuit lasted nearly a decade and the Redmond giant had to pay 2 billion euros in fines.

For Vestager, Google Apps would act the same way as Media Player, making innovation more difficult.

One of the concerns was the effect on innovation. If the Microsoft reader was already there when you bought the PC, it would be hard to convince people to try an alternative. A big disadvantage for developers, he recalled.

On the other hand, the Mountain View company says Android does not limit competition, as other apps can be installed without major problems on Google Play. The giant also recalls that several carriers and manufacturers, such as Samsung, pre-install other competing apps like Facebook.

If Google is convicted, the estimated 10% penalty in revenue. Only last year the company recorded $ 74.5 billion. Do the math.

The fine can be heavy, but if you have regulation over the company's pre-installed apps, Google will lose one of its top sources of income on Android.

Which side are you on? Do you think pre-installed Google Apps on Android hurt competition? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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