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Android-based Lineage OS Oreo arrives at Moto G 2013

The first Moto G to date is the best-selling phone in Motorola's history. The device hit the market while the company was controlled by Google, offering fair hardware for an affordable price. The popularity of the model is so high that work around the development of new ROMs is still in full swing, like the new LineageOS 15.

Even being a model packed with the Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM, first Moto G users will be able to try Android Oreo on their devices. The ROM based on the latest version of the system is developed by Carlos Arriaga, senior member of the XDA forum, who is doing quite a solid job.

Of course, some sensors and features are not working at the moment, such as the camera, Bluetooth and dual-SIM service. In contrast, other commonly used services already work smoothly, such as calls, SMS, single-SIM with 3G data, Wi-Fi, LED flash, notification LED, GPS, and video and music playback. Anyone who wants to test should keep in mind the availability of the features mentioned.

In fact, the same developer is making updated Google Apps available for Android 8.0. The download links are as follows:

We have already posted a tutorial on the site about the Android Nougat-based LineageOS 14.1 installation process for the Moto G2013. The process is the same, and you can follow it through the link below:

What did you think of the news? Have you installed any ROMs on your smartphone?