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Android Auto Update Brings Message Preview Capabilities in WhatsApp


Google may introduce news on Google I / O

O Android Auto released information about its system upgrade in May 2018. Google informed that the functions will be present in the next update and will give access to integration of a SIM chip in the car, which means that posts, stream music and assistance from Google Assistant, it would be possible.

There is also integration of system usage in any smartphone. These functions are not yet present, but Google said it is working to make access to Google Auto easier and more useful for users.

Android Auto is currently sending updates to allow you to send media and messages.

The update will bring four big changes:

Media Browsing at the top of the app browser- Media Search voice command by the Google Assistant- Message Preview, it will allow viewing when the vehicle stops Group Message Supportin MMS and RCS, SMS and WhatsApp

THE preview of messages will arrive in much the same way as most smartphones nowadays, but with the difference that won't be able to open the conversation with the moving car. In addition to normal messages, WhatsApp groups, for example, are also contemplated, any kind of message notification, or even the Google Assistant, will appear in the top of the panel.

O design It helps in the process of making the system easier and more useful, for example: displaying the icons with larger buttons that are easily located and clicked makes the process faster and attention is focused. The voice commands Also help, they will filter the searches, if you do not find exactly what the user wants and will display few similar results.

Google is focused on bringing you a better experience and safer for drivers. THE Apple CarPlay It is also working to make available strategies for the safe use of smartphone features in cars.

Via: Android Authority. [TagsToTranslate] android auto