Android Auto gets new interface

Android Auto gets new interface

Google has announced that a new interface for Android Auto will be launched for all compatible cars in the second half.

“The new Android Auto interface was designed to make life easier when going out, showing even more useful information – that the driver can see at a glance – and simplifying tasks that we usually do while driving,” says Google.

Launched five years ago, to make the experience behind the wheel simpler, Android Auto can be used in more than 500 car models from 50 different manufacturers.

See all the news below:

  • Simplicity when going to the street: When you start the car, Android Auto keeps playing the music you were listening to before, and opens the navigation app you’re used to using. Just tap on a suggested location or say “OK Google” to find out how to get there.
  • Control of preferred applications: The new navigation bar shows instructions for each turn. With it, you can control the apps and the phone on the same screen.
  • More actions with fewer commands: The new navigation bar also allows you to control applications with just one touch, without complications. You can see directions on each turn, return the podcast you were listening to a few seconds or answer the phone – all on the same screen.
  • Easy and secure communication: The new notification center displays recent calls, messages and alerts – and you choose the safest time to view, listen and respond.
  • Soft eye colors: The design of Android Auto has been enhanced to better adapt to the interior of a car. The dark tone, with colorful touches and easy-to-read fonts, improves the visibility of the screen.
  • Screen suitable for more car models: For automobiles with large displays, Android Auto now makes better use of this space and shows more information: when to make the next turn, commands to go back or forward a song and control phone calls.