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Android Apps: Brazilian Apps 2012 # 6 Coritiba

Coritiba Foot Ball Club was the Brazilian A-Series Champion in 1985 and recently returned to the main group of the Brazilian Championship in 2010. Also known as Coxa, many people get confused when writing the name of this team because of the various spellings. different: Coritiba, Curityba and Curitiba. The prevailing Coritiba which in Tupi-Guarani means too much pine or too much pine. Thus, the Coxa 6 team of our sequence of articles about Brazilian Applications 2012, check out:

Coritiba SporTV

This app brings all the specialized content of one of the most respected sports communication vehicles in the country. All SporTV coverage of Coritiba through news, goals, best moments, interviews, player statistics, standings, live real-time follow-up and much more. This is the kind of app that is always worth it, and best of all it's free.

Click on the image below to download Coritiba SporTV:

Coritiba Theme

Coritiba Theme is the kind of super creative app that leaves users free to customize their smartphone screens. It runs on Android 2.0 or higher and is required to install GO Launcher Ex before the theme.

Click on the image below to download Coritiba Theme:

Coritiba Widget

Coritiba Widget is a very interesting app, as it is a widget that shows the data of Coxa's upcoming matches and still notifies the user one hour before the games, so you don't lose any matches. Stay on top of game days, times and locations through this app.

Click on the image below to download Coritiba Widget:

Each of the 20 teams participating in the Brazilian Championship Series A will be awarded at least one Android application in a sequence of articles that runs until the end of this week. Also access:






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