Android Apps: Brazilian Apps 2012 # 14 Palmeiras

Android Apps: Brazilian Apps 2012 # 14 Palmeiras

The Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras the team that most often raised the cup of the Brazilian Championship, in total were 8 times: 1960, 1967, 1967, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1993 and 1994. In 1967, there was the dispute of the Brazil Cup and the Tournament. Roberto Gomes Pedrosa, of which Palmeiras was champion. Felipo's team advances in the Brazilian Cup, but is in the Brazilian relegation zone, however, we are only in the 6th round. In our series of articles about the best Brazilian Apps 2012, Palmeiras is the 14th to enter the field. To know all the information about the Palestra Italia team, we have separated some of the best soccer apps available in Brazil with full coverage of the games, videos and specialized comments, as well as updated tables and results. Check out:

SporTV Palm Trees

This app brings all the specialized content of one of the most respected sports communication vehicles in the country. All of SporTV's coverage of Verdo through news, best moments, interviews, player statistics, standings, real-time live match tracking and more. This is the kind of app that is always worth it, and best of all it's free.

Click on the image below to download Palmeiras SporTV:

Palm Trees Widget

Palmeiras Widget is a very interesting app, as it is a widget that shows the data of upcoming Palmeiras matches. Stay on top of game days, times and locations through this app.

Click on the image below to download the Palmeiras Widget:

Palm Trees Live Wallpaper

The Palmeiras Live Wallpaper app comes with 12 wallpaper possibilities, with which you can customize your smartphone with different images with just a tap on the screen. You customize your mobile device for the cost of $ 0.80. Check out:

Click on the image below to download Palmeiras Live Wallpaper:

Palmeiras News

This free app and brings the latest news from the Palmeiras Sports Society. It runs on Android 1.6 or higher and gets 4.6 on the market.

Click on the image below to download Palmeiras News:

Palm Trees 3D Live Wallpaper

This is a free application where you find Palmeiras 3D Live Wallpaper and the best, free.

Click on the image below to download Palmeiras 3D Live Wallpaper:

My lecture

In this app you will find news, the updated league table, the results of the last matches, the time and place of the next matches with the details of each match and the list of Palmeiras. The content comes from specialized channels like G1, Lancenet and Gazeta Esportiva. What's cool is that after the fan first consulted the app, the content is still available even offline.

Click on the image below to download My Lecture:

Palestrina Media

This app brings a compilation of articles published by lecturers bloggers for smartphones and tablets running Android, free and free of any kind of advertising. You access the best blogs, websites and radios through the app made by plant speakers. In addition, team leaderboards, match results and upcoming match information are provided.

Click on the image below to download Mdia Palestrina:

Each of the 20 teams participating in the Brazilian Championship A series will be awarded at least one Android application in a sequence of articles. Also access:














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