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Android Apps: Brazilian Apps 2012 # 1 Atltico-GO

Brazilian Championship series A is heading for the 3rd round and of course you want to know everything about your team matches, results, comments, standings, videos, images and more, right? Thinking about this, we went to get the best apps of Brasileiro 2012 for Android. Each of the 20 teams participating in the Brazilian Championship Series A will be awarded at least one Android app in our article sequence called Brazilian Apps 2012 which goes until the end of this week.

In alphabetical order, the first on the list is the Atltico Clube Goianiense or just Atltico-GO. Playing in the Brazilian Series A, the team had its best campaign in 2011 when it was in 13th place. To accompany Atltico-Go 24 hours a day, the best application of Brasileiro 2012 the Atltico-Go SporTV.

The free Atltico-GO SportTV app is where you can:

  • Read all club related news;
  • See all videos (goals, best moments, interviews);
  • Consult statistics of each player;
  • Track tables of football championships (games, rounds and standings);
  • Follow games of the cup of Brazil and the Brazilian 2012;
  • Browse game scores in real time;
  • Track live games in real time;
  • Share your team news.

Click on the image below to download Atltico-GO SportTV:

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