Android appointed as operating system of the future

The Android platform will override rival Apple and Microsoft systems and will dominate, in the future, smartphones and tablets, conquering place in IPTV, videoconferencing systems and other devices and technologies.

The conclusion comes from an analysis by IDC and Appcelerator of software developers, in which 72 percent of the approximately 2,400 respondents said that Google’s operating system «is better positioned to work on a large number and variety of devices in the future» , when only 25 percent considers the same as Apple’s iOS.

Google’s long-term strategy now appeals to 59 percent of respondents, against the 35 percent who continue to prefer iOS, a difference that has increased by 10 percentage points compared to the previous survey, conducted in June.

«How many devices could benefit from the Android operating system?» Asks Scott Schwarzhoff, vice president for marketing at Appcelerator, on blog where the results of the analysis appear.

He replies, «Many.

It’s the next generation operating system.»

The Apple platform, however, continues to lead the way in everything that concerns the news, with, for example, 91 percent of developers saying they are «very interested» in developing applications for iPhone, compared to 82 percent who think the even in the case of Android phones.