Android and iPhone compete with Blackberry

iPhone gains more than 100 new features by summer

A comScore survey shows that the most desired smartphones are the iPhone and the systems supported by Google’s Android software, right after RIM’s Blackberry, which continues to lead among the favorites in the United States.

Although RIM has today presented record sales figures and good expectations for the coming year, the market research firm ensures that competitors are increasingly in a position to change the leadership of the Top of the most desired equipment.

The survey says that 20 percent of users with plans to switch phones over the next three months will buy an iPhone in the United States. Another 17 percent intend to opt for an Android device.

None of the numbers comes close to the 51 percent that intend to bet on a RIM Blackberry, but the trend is that the competition will increasingly shade the manufacturer, as the options multiply and consumers increase the level of knowledge of the market. .

In an analysis by specific models, Apple’s iPhone 3G is, by the way, the second most desired, by 14 percent of the survey participants, against the 18 percent who prefer the Blackberry Pearl.

Currently, RIM has 15 million users in the North American market.