Android 8.0 will update even without space available

Google explains the lack of compatibility of new Huawei devices with its services

According to the Ars Technica website, a new Android 8.0 update method will discontinue the “insufficient space” message.

The novelty would take advantage of the “Seamless Updates” feature of Android 7.0 Nougat that allows the operating system to update the device without causing interruptions or downtime.

«The idea is that when it comes time to install an update, you can normally use your phone on the ‘System A’ partition online while an update is being applied to the» System B «partition disconnected in the background,» says the publication.

“Instead of the many minutes of downtime that normally occurs after an update, only a quick reboot is required. At that point, the device would simply move from partition A to the newly upgraded partition B ”.

Thus, instead of requiring the user to delete photos, apps and other content to free up space (1GB on average), Android will be able to work with 100KB of free space.