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Android 8.0 may be officially released next week

There is no secret: the final version of Android 8.0 should be released this month. However, according to David Ruddock, this should happen next week.

Channel Writer Android Police And reliable source when it comes to Android, Ruddock tweeted that the official version of Android 8.0 for the Pixel line should arrive next week. Tute won out at Reddit and, After 176 comments, the community seems to be confident that Android O is very close to the release.

Of course, the universe of Pixel smartphone users is very select, so releasing the new version for Pixel and Pixel XL would not be a big problem for Google. What the community claims is that after the last Android 8.0 release released last week, despite the bugs, just a corrective update is needed to give the software more stability.

In addition, after the Pixel, it would be the turn of the Nexus line to receive the new platform. This should happen in the next two weeks. In the meantime, the developer team would still have time to fix issues until the software reached a larger Android user base. But most importantly, being announced next week, manufacturers could already work on adapting their interfaces to Android O and thus speed up the upgrade process of their devices. What should start between October and November.

And what do you think: are we or about to know what the new OS will be called?

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