Android 7.1 has panic detection mode

Google merilis Android 7.0 Nougat untuk garis Nexus, Pixel C dan Android One

According to the folks at XDA Developers, Google introduced a “panic mode” in Android 7.1 that monitors user behavior in order to protect it.

The publication reports that Android is now able to notice when a user repeatedly presses the back button.

Upon detecting this, it terminates any open applications and returns to the home screen.

«If a malicious application tries to hijack the user’s screen and prevent the user from trying to exit, Android itself will replace the application and return to the home screen,» explained the XDA article.

Below, you can see the code related to functionality:

0 – Nothing1 – Go to home->0

However, “panic detection mode” is not enabled for everyone.

It is not yet clear whether the feature will be enabled by default or will only come in the next versions.