Android 4.4 support third-party SMS apps

Android 4.4 support third-party SMS apps

As the world awaits the introduction of Android 4.4, a new detail of the next version of the operating system has been revealed: Google will offer KitKat native support for third-party SMS applications. With this, users will be able to freely choose their SMS app in the future.

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<p>An announcement from Android 4.4 today seems quite unlikely, but gradually we are forming a more complete idea of ​​what to bring the new version of OS. This time, however, information does not reach us through a leak. Google itself announced on its Android developer blog that APIs with Android 4.4 will be made public. Based on these, programmers could create SMS apps independent of the native app, and the user would then have free choice.</p>
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With KitKat you will be able to choose the SMS service. / Google

As a motivation for this, Google cites the goal of providing a more consistent and predictable user experience. Until now, developers had to use hidden APIs to program their SMS apps, a practice that brings instability to the service.

In theory, users will have more freedom of choice with KitKat as regards the messaging provider. But, as usual, Google already has a plan: rumors and leaked screenshots indicate that the next version of Hangouts will integrate SMS and MMS functions.

Hangouts with supposed SMS option. / Android Police

Every measure that brings more freedom to the welcome user, don't you think?

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