Android 4.2 – We already know new features

Android 4.2 - Kami sudah tahu fitur baru

We are beginning to discover the resources that the Android 4.2 will offer, whose name has not yet been confirmed – either will continue to be called Jelly Bean or will be the Key Lime Pie. Prototypes of LG and Google’s Nexus 4 reached the hands of developers, who tested the new features of this new Android version.

Quick Settings

Quick Settings in English means Quick Settings. This feature is not yet fully developed, but it is already known where it will be located: in a second notification bar. To access it, we first have to slide the notification bar down and then we have to repeat the same gesture. This second notification bar will not occupy the entire screen, as you can see in the video:

With the dual notification bar, we will be able to see notifications and settings simultaneously.

New Gmail app features

While it is likely that this Gmail app is not exclusive to Android 4.2, it is possible that this Android version will be the first to offer this new Gmail. Some new features that incorporate the application have been leaked and some of them can be really useful:


With this new feature, we will be able to expand our emails in the same way as we do in the browser. This feature is useful for those who have difficulty reading emails on the smartphone or to be able to enlarge images.

Gesture to archive or delete

With the new version of Gmail, you no longer have to touch the appropriate button to perform these functions. Just slide your finger to the side and a list of options will appear, where you can archive or delete an email.

Report Phising

Gmail will be more secure from now on. With the new application, we will be able to report cases of abusive emails.

Here is a video where you can see all the new features:

We are very curious to see what the most advanced Android version will be like. Is that you? What do you think of the new features confirmed for Android 4.2?