Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, twice as smart

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, dua kali lebih pintar

Yesterday, Google’s biggest Android event of the year took place.

The event for the presentation of new devices owned by Google, entitled “The Playground is Open”, Overcame Hurricane Sandy and, in addition to bringing three new Nexus devices, revealed the newest flavor of Jelly Bean, the Android 4.2 version.

The team of Google’s operating system developers managed to elevate the Jelly Bean experience for Android users, brought a completely new, even smarter camera, an innovative way of typing messages and more.

Although many await the update to the Key Lime Pie version, Android 4.2 came with dozens of improvements, showing that Android does not need to change its name to evolve.

Photo Sphere – Even smarter camera

One of the Android 4.2 improvements that has most caught the attention so far, definitely, is the system Photo Sphere.

Bringing an innovative feature of the panoramic photography mode (360º) to the Android OS, Google certainly surpassed Apple in this regard.

To get a sense of what I’m talking about, watch the video below:

Link to video on YouTube

Photo Sphere can be used in all directions to capture an image, that is, up, down and sideways.

The idea is to make you capture in just one image, the whole visual experience from the moment you took the photo.

In addition, the system works integrated with the services of the research giant, such as Google+ and Google Maps.

Curiosity: Photo Sphere is the first native system for mobile devices that gathers JPEG images with XML information to create the visualization of a sphere seen from the inside, thus allowing to see the entire environment captured with the device.

Smart Keyboard – Now with handwriting

Call of «Gesture Typing”, The new form of writing offered by Android 4.2 allows the user to slide his finger over each letter until the word is formed, instead of typing one by one.

Okay, you may be thinking that this is nothing new, as it is very similar to the feature offered by Swype.

However, it seems that Gestyre Typing offers an increased tool, such as the automatic addition of spaces and a richer lexicon, for example.

One tablet, multiple users

As we have already anticipated, version 4.2 of Android Jelly Bean, offers the support for multiple users, thus providing personalized spaces in a unique way and managed by different users, without “breach of privacy” or misuse of applications.

This is possible due to a quick access menu on the notification bar.

In these different profiles, users can have a completely different experience, using the same device: colors, applications, widgets and games.

This support is perfect for those who share smartphones and tablets between family members or coworkers, for example.

Miracast – support for wireless display

How about sharing audio and video content, or even games, on a big screen? THE Miracast is a service for Wi-Fi capable of transmitting this type of content from the gadget to compatible mobile devices, such as televisions.

In other words, Miracast is a support for wirelessly displaying videos on your home television.

Say goodbye to the afternoon session!

Google Now is smarter

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 brought Google Now even smarter.

Now, Gmail acts as a “database” for the “sample cards” this Android smart search service.

What does that mean? That finding information about your tastes and daily activities just got a lot easier (or more invasive for some).

The service has functions that assist in the search for airline tickets, hotel and restaurant reservations or even music directions.

You can also access Google Now from any screen of your smartphone or tablet, making searching even faster and easier.

To do this, just follow the following steps: tap the application menu button and hold for a few seconds, so an area with the Google symbol will appear, slide your finger and touch it, as shown in the image below:


DayDream is a new option for screen saver that, in addition to other content, offers news and images when the device is locked or on standby.

The new version of Android Jelly Bean has other news that will be worked on during the week, as soon as we have more information about this update.

So far, what we know is that Android 4.2 will be released along with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices, on November 13th.

After that, the update will run on other Google devices.