Android 3.0 begins to be unveiled

تستعد Google للأخبار ليوم 29 أكتوبر

The rumors surrounding the new version of Android are running high, anticipating dates and some details for the new version of the open source operating system, whose development is led by Google.

Digitimes is one of the sources to take delivery to manufacturers, of the version that optimizes the mobile platform for Tablet PCs, in December, citing manufacturers’ sources. The measure will allow partners with plans to integrate Android into new equipment to do this work in time to present new products at CES (Consumer Electronic Show), the first major technological show of the year.

Asus, Acer, Motorola and HTC are part of the list of manufacturers with plans to show equipment with version 3.0 of the platform in the 2011 edition of the exhibition taking place in Las Vegas. At that time, Samsung will also show a version of its Galaxy Tab – which arrived in Portuguese stores today through Vodafone – equipped with the latest Android version.

The same information also gives some details about the Android 4.0 launch roadmap, which is codenamed Ice Cream. The version will only see daylight in the second half of 2011.

The news published by the website also contains the information that Android licensing is, at the price level, a much more attractive alternative for manufacturers, who will have to pay something like 10 dollars to license the platform, against 50 or 60 dollars in the case of Windows.

Meanwhile, the Phandroid has also advanced some news about the features that can be found in the new version of the product. The user interface will be one of the areas to show changes, while maintaining a logic of continuity with the options of the current versions.

The icons that distribute the key functionalities of the equipment have been redesigned, to assume a simpler and cleaner appearance. There are also changes in the colors and sizes of items associated with various functions, in an attempt to make the operating system more intuitive, guarantees the blog.

The same source ensures that Android 3.0 will integrate support for chat video, taking advantage of the same protocols that ensure this possibility in the desktop version of Google Talk.

Another novelty will be the SIP support in the Google Voice application that will allow reception of calls on the account, via Wifi or mobile network, ensuring the possibility of communicating by voice without resorting to the operator’s network, as long as there is a WiFi connection nearby.

The Gingerbread SDK, code name, can be released later this week, if the rumors are confirmed, which will allow to know more details about the new version.