Android 11 will be released on May 12; know what to expect

With the release of the dates when Google I / O 2020 will take place, Google also revealed when Android 11 arrives; check out what we can expect from the new system

Google has just announced that its annual developer conference, the Google I / O, occur this year between the days 12 and May 14. Traditionally, in this event that the search giant presents new services, software products and also the new version of Android.

Knowing that Android 11 arrive in mid-May, we can expect developer test versions (beta) are released a few weeks before. As usual, whoever has a device from Pixel line or some other selected models should have the chance to download of the system.

Android 11: what to expect from the new version?

There is not much information about which changes Android 11 will present to the public. However, we know that the update no bring major changes in the look of the system, since changes of this magnitude are always preceded by many tests and, consequently, leaks. In short, if Android 11 were to change so much in design, we would already have indications of this.

Like the Android 10, it is expected that the new version will have more incremental news in order to improve the performance, security and usability of the system. Among the most awaited features are a native file sharing system (something similar to the AirDrop, of iOS); a proper function for screen recording, something that inexplicably Android does not yet have, and improvements in dark theme.

Android 11 should bring greater support for bubble notifications, such as chat heads, from Facebook Messenger

Furthermore, as we said, it is very likely that we will have advances functions of digital well-being, energy management and security features. At least in these last two points, the latest versions of Android ever they bring news, albeit minimal.

Another resource on which the media places bets, and which should take shape in Android 11, a system of bubble notifications, which would allow chat apps, Whatsapp, Telegram and others, work similarly to Facebook Messenger chats. Upon receiving a notification of a conversation, it would appear as a bubble, and it would not be necessary open the app whole to answer.

Currently, Android j supports bubble notifications, which the system is expected to be able to transform all notifications, especially those of conversations, in bubbles. So the user could answer them while use another app.

When will my smartphone receive the new Android?

Whenever a new version of the little robot launched, saga of its users wins a new chapter: first, it is necessary to discover if your manufacturer will update your smartphone and then wait for it to meet the expected date to launch the update. Still, h some things that we can stipulate:

For example, Android 11 should be released on May. However, some models of the Sony, OnePlus, Xiaomi and others, in addition to Pixel line, you must have access to the test versions of the system. After the launch, the update should only arrive, in fact, in mid September and only for Pixel line. At this point, we’ll know how the new Android definitely, without bugs and experimental resources.

Galaxy S20 should be one of the first Samsung to receive Android 11This year's releases, such as the Galaxy S20, should receive Android 11 first

From there, nothing is certain, this is because each manufacturer has its own calendar of updates. OnePlus, for example, is usually the fastest, and should update all its recent models just a few days later. Nokia, Sony and Xiaomi also take no more than a few weeks to update their line tops, while the intermediate and entry models should be on hold.

Finally, more traditional manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, LG and Motorola, should update only one or the other model this year. Brands are more likely to prioritize their 2020 launches, such as the Galaxy S20 it's the Huawei P40 Pro. The devices launched in 2019, even the most expensive, will probably need to wait a little longer.

Source: 4GNews