Android 10 will warn when USB port overheats or gets wet

Android 10 akan memperingatkan ketika port USB terlalu panas atau basah

Android 10 has a liquid detection and overheating feature on the phone’s USB port.

Officially launched last Tuesday (3), the system displays a notification informing the user that the connection is wet or very hot, according to the specialized website XDA-Developers.

The moment it is safe to use the tool again, another warning appears on the screen.

In the case of overheating, a dialog box is displayed instructing the user to disconnect the charger and take care, as the cable may be hot.

When the door detects the presence of liquids, however, the connection is automatically disabled.

If the user wishes, it is possible to reactivate it manually.

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1 of 1 Android 10 warns you when your phone’s USB port is wet or overheats – Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers

Android 10 warns when the phone’s USB port is wet or overheats – Photo: Playback / XDA-Developers

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According to the system code analyzed by the XDA-Developers, when the USB port reaches a temperature of 60º C, it is considered «critical status».

When the connection reaches 65º C, the situation is treated as an «emergency».

Android previously had an alert for when the body of the device gets hot.

According to the website, at least liquid detection is expected to reach all devices that run the Google system, as it is announced on the official website.

Android 10 also has other novelties such as dark mode, privacy improvements, new gesture control tools, native support for 5G and Live Caption, a feature that generates subtitles in videos or audios executed on the smartphone, without the need for phone to be connected to the internet.

The system initially reached the four generations of the Google Pixel, but should be available soon for devices from other brands – see the list.

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