Android 10 is Google's mobile operating system with the fastest adoption pace

Android 10 is Google's mobile operating system with the fastest adoption pace

Google continues to struggle with the pace of adoption of Android operating systems. The fact that it has a mobile ecosystem that serves various brands, models and price ranges, complicates a task that has never been a problem in the competition. However, the technology announced this Thursday, July 9, that progress is being made. According to the company, Android 10 is the version with the highest adoption speed recorded.

The operating system was installed on 100 million devices in the first five months since the launch, in September 2019, which represents an increase of 28% compared to Android Pie, the predecessor version. Now, almost a year later, the number exceeds 400 million pieces of equipment.

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Google justifies the success with some projects that made life easier for manufacturers, in the chapter of launching updates for their smartphones, such as Project Treble and Project Mainline.

Note that although the number is much higher than that achieved by Android Pie in the same period, it does not represent the percentage of active devices that have the operating system installed. This indicator should not be revealed, since Google decided to stop revealing the percentage of equipment that has each of the Android operating systems installed.

In August last year, even before the launch of Android 10, the company said it managed to reach 22.6% of Android devices with the Pie version. For comparison, it is important to note that Apple has already managed to bring iOS 13 to 81% of its smartphones and tablets.

This discrepancy is due, of course, to the fact that the apple company has greater control over its mobile ecosystem, which serves only one brand and a small percentage of the devices that Google arrives with Android.