And we already have one more concept for the mythical folding iPhone

Let's be honest: At least in the near future, Apple's chances of launching a folding iPhone are close to zero. The technology is simply not yet ready for prime time, and the prototypes we have seen are little more than that Samsung will have to (with pun intended) unfold to make Galaxy Fold more than a marketing action, for example. example.

That said, it's always fun to see designers putting their heads to work with folding iPhone concepts. The most recent, created by Antonio de Rosa, does not run away rule.

In the imagination of the designer, the so-called “IPhone X Fold” It would have a 6.6 inch screen when folded and 8.3 inches when open (yes, bigger than the iPad mini). In either case, the panels would be "Super Retina" with 514 pixels per inch, and iOS would have special adaptations to deal with the new paradigm the idea of ​​"pulling" a notification to the unfolded screen as the open handset looked pretty cool.

Other interesting features would include a "laptop mode" in which a part of the device would lie on the surface displaying a keyboard, and the (already rumored) three cameras. It is also worth mentioning the very funny idea of ​​detaching the device in a triangular base prism, which would allow the user to see his new acquisition already the way it came into the world, partially bent.

"Folding "Folding

Rose's second, the “iPhone X Fold” would start from $ 2,000. Would you buy?

via 9to5Mac