And we already have among us one of the first unboxings of the “new” Galaxy Fold

And we already have among us one of the first unboxings of the “new” Galaxy Fold

When it comes to competing releases, it is not our custom to cover all events related to them so deeply. But the Galaxy Fold it’s different: we’re talking about a new paradigm in the smartphone world, and something that, if it works, Apple will have to go for in the not-too-distant future.

So we follow the saga closely, going through its initial announcement, the postponement, the discovery of problems, Samsung’s response, the promise of a definite arrival and, finally, its real launch in South Korea, last week.

Now, our friends from Infinite Loop arrived with one of the first unboxings Galaxy Fold available on the network – we are not talking about the initial version, released to the press a few months ago and later canceled, but the final version, already revised and available to Korean consumers!

The intrepid Junior Nannetti went to South Korea to get his hands on the pet and brought us all the details about it. The Galaxy Fold case – which, as highlighted by Samsung in every corner, is already compatible with the technology 5G – brings, in addition to the usual elements, a pair of Galaxy Buds wireless headphones (note, Apple!), In addition to a special case in two parts and a “certificate of possession” card of the device. Just don’t ask me what it’s for.

It is also worth noting some precautions recommended by Samsung already in the initial configuration of the device. The manufacturer asks users to avoid pressing the (plastic) screen too hard and not to apply extra protections to it, such as films – as is well known, the device already comes with its own film, which was even one of the reasons for canceling the initial version of the smartphone (because Samsung “forgot” to warn that the component should not be removed).

The Galaxy Fold 5G is already on sale in South Korea in a unique configuration, with 5G, 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, for 2.39 million wons – the equivalent of US $ 1.8 thousand, or about R $ 7.4 thousand. It is worth noting, however, that the entire initial stock of the device is already depleted in its homeland; now, just waiting for Samsung to manufacture more units of the phone or waiting for its launch in the United States, promised for the next few weeks.

What about?