And the terms most searched by the Portuguese on Google are…

Google has already revealed its annual list of the most searched terms, by countries and areas. With regard to Portugal, the word that most motivated the use of Google for search was Facebook, the most used social network in the world. YouTube, Portugal, Hi5 and Games are also the TOP5 of most searched terms, according to Zeitgeist 2010.

When Portuguese searches focused on personalities, the most searched names on the search engine were Carlos Cruz, Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Shakira and Lady Gaga, in the order described here. The same list also includes Cristiano Ronaldo (in 7th position) or Tony Carreira (in 9th position).

Via Verde was the most searched term by the Portuguese in the field of business, Hair led in the field of Health and Wellness, Football in the category of Sport and School in the category of society.

The list of the most searched terms in the Google service also records the areas where the most significant growth in the level of searches is noted. In this domain, the theme Casa dos Segredos leads, followed by the name Chatroulette, which designates a video chat service with random interlocutors. In the news, the most searched topic was Portugal.

It is the TOP 10 of Google for the different areas registered in Zeitgeist 2010.

Most searched
Most searched
most searched

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