And the new iPad Pro has, of course, been completely disassembled

iPad Pro desmontado pela iFixit

Whenever new Apple hardware hits the market, it doesn’t take long for the guys at iFixit put your hands on a unit and dissect it completely so that we have a complete view of the inside of the product.

That’s exactly what they did with the new iPad Pro, which started reaching the hands of the first consumers this week. A few days ago, they had also taken apart the new MacBook Air.

THE teardown, this time, it was published on video:

As expected, what we have here is a generation merely incremental to the previous one, launched in late 2018. The model analyzed was the 12.9 inch model.

The A12Z Bionic processor is not much different from the previous A12X and we now have 6GB of RAM across the board, so the biggest difference is even for the new rear dual camera system with the LiDAR scanner – which they demonstrate working on the video, using a camera that captures infrared signals, and even compares with the Face ID of iPhones (which projects much more points, since it is used to differentiate faces).

Due to the excessive use of adhesives inside, the new iPad Pro, like its predecessor, received a 3/10 score on the iFixit repairability scale.

Warping test

A few days ago, who also got their hands on a unit of the new iPad Pro was the channel EverythingApplePro – and, before analyzing the interior of the tablet, they decided to perform a warping test.

Also like the previous generation, this piece of superfine aluminum did not withstand much pressure:

Contrary to the controversy involving iPhones that warped easily, years ago, in this case Apple probably does not see this as a product defect – but rather something intrinsic to its construction. Even so, some kind of new internal reinforcement would have been welcome to avoid accidents …

For those who do not want to take risks, the ideal is to use the iPad Pro with a case that offers some kind of extra resistance to it. Here’s the tip.