And the most searched term on Google in 2008 was…

And the most searched term on Google in 2008 was…

Google released the list of the most searched terms on its search engine, responsible for more than half of the searches carried out on the Internet worldwide.

The most obvious conclusion is that the American elections marked the year. That alone can explain that at the top of the list of the most searched terms is Sarah Palin, the candidate for vice president of the United States in opposition to Obama.

The already traditional Zeitgeist of 2008, displays in the second position the Beijing Olympic Games, through the term Beijing 2008. The sporting events get another presence in the Top 10, with Euro 2008 appearing in the ninth position of the table.

The success of social networks is also proven once again here with the term Facebook login in the third position of the table. In the next position is another social network to guarantee a position, in this case Tuenti, a Spanish platform.

Obama, the newly elected American president, only appears in sixth place in the ranking, arousing less interest from users than the late actor in the film Brokeback Mountain, the fifth most searched of the year.

Earlier this month, Yahoo also released the top most searched on its service, giving the lead to Britney Spears, who holds the spot for the fourth consecutive year.

The 10 most searched terms on Google in 2008

1. Sarah Palin

2. beijing 2008

3. facebook login

4. tuenti

5. heath ledger

6. obama

7. nasza klasa

8. wer kennt wen

9. euro 2008

10. jonas brothers