And the Macs Pro update, coming out later this year?

And the Macs Pro update, coming out later this year?

I must confess that I have a special admiration for people who make bad predictions and are accountable: I have to be very macho to recognize a mistake. See what Brian Tong said in mid-June about new Macs Pro coming later "in the first week of August". Stuck, and the?

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Okay, so forgiven: human error, and market analysts are able to live as if they never uttered anything but the most absolute truth. In this story of the new Macs Pro, Marco Arment's argument seems to have been more sensible: if Intel has no processor for professional towers to be released for now, what would Apple equate this new Mac Pro with?

Intel processor roadmap

According to roadmap above, obtained by Donanimhaber (Google Translate), we better wait for something by the end of the year. Inside the yellow rectangle are the processors that may come to equip a future Mac Pro, and a launch in October (months when Apple events normally featuring new computers) would not be completely out of reality.

However, in the face of the growing power of Ma notebooks and their practical and convenient desktops, does anyone still need a Mac Pro to work? I believe that waiting a quarter more or less no longer makes a difference, at this point in the championship.

(via MacRumors)