And the last 2019 update for our app is out!

An update with bug fixes for our app has just come out! [atualizado]

And my friends… 2019 it’s almost over. But, before we close the year, there is a new update of our app in the area – of course! ?

MacMagazine app - version 4.0 (iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4)

Here’s the changelog this new version, the 4.1:

Last update of the year in the area!

– The app can now respect iOS 13’s native Dark Mode setting; – Now we show the duration of each video; – Some small visual enhancements to the interface; – Other bug fixes.

Our special thanks go to Cassio Rossi for the collaborations made on our project on GitHub for this update! Any of you can collaborate freely there – either with suggestions / ideas or with actual codes for the project.

Thank you guys! ?

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