And the first benchmarks of the new MacBooks Air and Pro have started to pop up

Less than a day after the launch of the new machines, the first benchmark to learn more about the real performance gains brought by them.

Primate Labs has already released an update to the Geekbench that adds support for the new MacBooks Air and Pro – including the new generation with Retina display.

Before long, the Geekbench Browser started to collect the first test results with these new laptops.

It is worth noting that this tool, specifically, evaluates only the processing power and memory, discarding the gains with graphics chipsets and storage drives.

Here are the first numbers, in 32 bits:

Benchmarks of the new MacBooks

As you can see, the fastest MacBook Air before is slower than the current entry-level MacBook Air – thanks to Intel’s new generation of Ivy Bridge chips.

Benchmarks of the new MacBooks

The performance gains are also considerable in the Pros.

The staff of the AnandTech decided to evaluate the machines based on precisely their SSDs and the new USB 3.0 interface.

They focused, however, only on the new MacBook Pro with Retina display – certainly one of the most targeted by consumers, as of now.

Here are some read / write speed tests on the drive:

Benchmarks of the new MacBooks

The reading numbers were really close to the 500MB / s promised by Apple, while the writing numbers were around 400MB / s.

In the USB test, there’s nothing to say:

Benchmarks of the new MacBooks

Performance is more than nine times higher.

Starting with the right foot, therefore.