And the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG may already have saved at least one life [atualizado]

And the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG may already have saved at least one life [atualizado]

We have seen several stories of people being saved by the resources of the Apple Watch and the arrival of the reader electrocardiogram (ECG) a few days ago, with watchOS 5.1.2 in the United States, it tends to make these stories even more common. I just didn’t think we would have an example to give them so quickly.

The report was posted on Reddit by the user edentel. He says that, shortly after updating his Apple Watch, he performed an ECG and obtained atrial fibrillation (AFib). He found it strange and, of course, repeated the self-examination; same result.

«Bah, firmware in trouble,» he thought, then concluded that «that clock sucks.» He then decided to pass the Apple Watch on to his wife’s arm. ECG response: normal (more than once). Back on his arm, again indicative of AFib.

With that, he decided – still suspicious – to make a jump in the medical emergency (and, with a report by AFib, he even passed in front of the service line). After looking at the ECG result on the monitor, the nurse asked him to wait for a doctor.

Here’s what the doctor then said:

You should buy Apple stock. It probably saved you. I read about the news last night and even imagined that we would see an increase in patients with reports like this week. I just didn’t expect it would be my first appointment this morning, already.

Compare exams:

ECG performed by the hospitalECG performed by the hospital
ECG performed by Apple Watch Series 4ECG performed by Apple Watch Series 4

Thanks to the ECG of the Apple Watch Series 4, the user in question is already being properly treated by a cardiologist (hopefully it will be nothing serious).

And there are still people who think this is a joke.

via AppleInsider

Update Dec 11, 2018 at 19:05

THE ABC News went after the author of the post on Reddit, Ed Dentel, and interviewed him about the case:

Pretty cool story.