Apple Watch launch in Brazil is imminent; prices will start at R $ 2,699 [atualizado]

And the Apple Watch in Brazil, where is it?

Today, August 20th and until now Apple has not confirmed the launch of Watch in any new country this month. As it always does this with a certain antecedence, we can already consider that the whole of August passed without a new wave of international expansion. The last occurred on the last day of July, when the product arrived in New Zealand, Russia and Turkey.

Currently, only 22 countries market the Apple Watch. Just to give you an idea of ​​how long the international expansion of the watch is taking, last year Apple launched the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus in 28 (!) Countries in the first month of sales. The Watch originally arrived on the market on April 24th and is now almost four months of waiting now.

THE Brazil it has everything to be in the next wave of international expansion, but so far no sign of when that will happen.

Apple Watch with the Brazilian flag

Last April, shortly after the product was launched, the MacMagazine received reliable information that Apple would launch Watch in our country during the month of July. Unfortunately the plan did not materialize due to a number of factors, including stocks limited, delay in hiring and in training employees of partner stores (Apple Premium Resellers) and even a difficulty that Apple Brazil faced to enter the country with the tables used for demonstrating watches in Retail Stores. The change of board Apple Brazil appears to have influenced the product's release schedule.

J more than two months ago that National Telecommunications Agency completed the approval of all components related to the Watch. Apple never took so long to launch a product after all certificates were issued by Anatel.

The price table that we released at that time, with the recent surge in the dollar, is difficult and unfortunately will be similar to the prices we will see when the product is finally launched in Brazil. Not to mention that, from l to c, Provisional Measure 668 was sanctioned, increasing taxes for imported products. That is: fasten your seat belts.

The two national Apple Retail Stores, the one at VillageMall, in Rio de Janeiro, and the one at MorumbiShopping, in So Paulo already have in their inventory boxes with indications that they cannot be opened. Employees of both have already received a series of training focused on Watch, and Apple is also in the process of training network employees iPlace, which at least initially will be the only place where the clock can be found apart from the official means of the Apple.

It is worth remembering that it was only recently that Best Buy started selling some models of Apple Watches in the United States; depending on how these trainings progress with iPlace employees, it is possible that it will also be for a second moment of the watch's arrival in Brazil. Even though they are APRs, not all iPlaces have been approved for the sale of Apple Watch only 15 of the 36 stores in the group, we have found, most of them among the last ones recently opened / renovated.

Although the Apple Watch page on the Brazilian website is already complete and in Portuguese, for now it only indicates that it will arrive in our country in 2015. However, it is curious to note as the reader warned us Marcos Tulio that when consulting the warranty coverage of an Apple Watch here the support area is already prepared:

Support for Apple Watch in Brazil

That is, there is little left. Let's hope now, then, that it does not pass in September.

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