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And the Apple Card has already been cloned!

In many ways, the Apple card It is not a common credit card: in terms of security, for example, it is covered by a thick technological security blanket as we have already explained in this article, it does not even have a β€œvisible” number, relying only on the generation of random digits so that you shop / subscribe online.

Not all the technology in the world, however, can make it escape the major problem that plagues the planet's cards. And yes, it happened: we already have the first case of Apple Card cloned.

A reader of 9to5Mac, identified only as David, shared his story with the site. He claimed to have received an Apple Card purchase notification thousands of miles away from his iPhone on his iPhone; Upon contacting Apple support, the company stated that the physical card was used in the transaction which would not theoretically be possible as the Apple Card was in David's possession at all times.

The support team could not pinpoint the causes of the event, stating only that the situation was "very rare":

I don't know how this could have happened. It is very rare for your card to be in two places at once. Since our physical cards have no numbers, it is very difficult for anyone to copy them. After contesting the transaction, we will request an investigation and from there they will try to find out how the purchase was made.

Even without pointing out causes, one can imagine what caused the whole problem. The Apple Card, even with all the technology around it, still has a handle chip is magnetic stripe elements that, with the famous cloning machines, can be copied and transferred to a fake card. David was most likely the victim of a scam in which his card went through one of these machines, generating the whole imbroglio.

So even though the Apple Card isn't available here (and not anywhere else outside the United States, by the way), it's a reminder: It's not invincible or immune to attacks.