And isn’t it that inherited Apple Brazil’s problems with our language? and its translation errors

If you have iWork ?09, you can start sending documents and test the new service, still in beta. I noticed in the comments that many liked the new version of the package in Portuguese Portuguese, which is good, a sign that more people will be able to use it in the language they are used to and, who knows, users who still don’t use it may be able to consider it.

However, it seems that, the new Apple service in the ?clouds?, inherited a little of the problems that the Brazilian group of the company has in keeping its website updated and triggering newsletters without mixing languages ??or leaving translation errors . Below is a very serious flaw found by readers Marcio Pimenta and Paulo Eduardo Roscoe Bicalho (thank you!), in which it shows the ?Transfer? menu of the service with download options in formats: Pages ?09, PDF and for a new application, the ?Word?. Look: and its translation errors

Although only this error is very serious, it was not the only one I noticed. Below is a screenshot taken when I previewed, in Google Chrome 2.0, the same document sent by Marcio was testing the browser to find out about its compatibility with web applications, and how would react when identifying navigation with a compatible application, if that were the case. In addition to Chrome not being compatible (although it is based on WebKit like Safari, there is no way to demand that kind of thing yet), it was identified by as «Chrome». Look: and its translation errorsLike MobileMe, Apple recommends Safari or Firefox to use

Again, it is good to remember that we also made mistakes, but we are a blog, not a multi-national company, in which case we are not dealing with more than one website, but an online service, which must be impeccable for use as much as an application. desktop. We at MacMagazine do our best to not make mistakes and we accept suggestions and criticisms from you to improve even more each day. I just hope these blunders don’t stay after the service leaves beta?