And history repeats itself: Brazilian justice orders to block WhatsApp again [atualizado: STF derruba]

According to the Rio newspaper The globe, the enforcement judge of the Rio de Janeiro Criminal Court, Daniela Barbosa Assuno de Souza, ordered the suspension of the WhatsApp Messenger throughout Brazil.

Telephone operators have already been notified by the Justice of Rio and need to immediately suspend the service if they do not obey the order, they will be subject to a daily fine in the amount of R $ 50 thousand.

Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) has already been notified three times of a decision for the company to intercept messages related to an ongoing investigation, in secrecy, in Duque de Caxias. According to the judge, the company would have limited itself to replying, in English, that it does not archive and copy messages shared between users.

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As we know, this is the third time (see the others above) that WhatsApp is blocked in Brazilian territory. In all of them the suspension was a reprisal by the company for refusing to comply with a determination to break the confidentiality of data exchanged between criminal investigators.

Recently, WhatsApp has implemented end-to-end encryption on all platforms where the messaging service is available (iOS, Android, etc.). With this, the company states that, in addition to not keeping the history of chats on its servers, there is no way to intercept / read messages exchanged by users since only the sender and recipient have the message decryption key.

This time, however, as informed by the BOL News, juza requested that WhatsApp disable the encryption key and intercept / divert the message flow in real time so that such conversations can be monitored.

The operators have not yet confirmed the blockade and, at least for the time being, the period of interruption of the service requested by the judge is also unknown.

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Update Ā· 07/19/2016 s 17:48

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As reported by the G1, the minister Ricardo Lewandowski (President of the STF) suspended the decision of Justice of Rio that blocked WhatsApp.

Lewandowski analyzed an action filed by the Popular Socialist Party, which appealed to the Supreme Court to immediately suspend the court order of the 2nd Criminal Court of the Duque de Caxias District, Rio de Janeiro. The PPS argues that the decision "hurts freedom of expression and freedom of speech". For the president of the Supreme Court, the blockade was a disproportionate measure because WhatsApp is used extensively, including for judicial subpoenas, and hurts legal security.

We will see in how long everything is now restored