And here we go: another piece supposedly intended for the iPad 3 appears

Supposed iPad 3 microphone - TVC-MallIt’s been a while since we’ve seen parts of iGadgets still not released, right? If you need more than one iPad 3 dock connector to be happy, the Cydia Blog found on sale at TVC-Mall what appears to be a microphone for Apple's next tablet, and it would indicate a major change in design.

Honestly? I could stand before a circle, seeing the entrails of a crow sacrificed in honor of the gods, and I would not be able to see this great design change at least not an external one.

If an internal part changes completely, does that mean that the gadget will look different on the outside? I don't think so.

In any case, est: a microphone supposedly intended for the iPad 3, quite different from the one used on the iPad 2.

Is it going to have Retina Tmpano audio pickup? There is no way to know by looking at this photo (or d?), We only have to wait for the launch next year.

(via MacRumors)