ANCP launches tender for the acquisition of copy and printing services and equipment at AP

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The fourth public tender for the segment of services and equipment for copying and printing has been launched, announced the National Agency for Public Procurement. The initiative aims to conclude a framework agreement for this segment and aims to reduce and rationalize public expenditure by standardizing the equipment and services to be purchased.

This is the fourth public tender launched since the beginning of the year and is part of the range of ten similar initiatives planned for the first half of this year. Currently, tenders for mobile communications, for the purchase and rental of computer equipment and paper supplies are already underway.

It is also foreseen that these agreements reduce their term to an average of two years and introduce criteria and requirements that encourage economic operators to improve their performance, competitiveness and efficiency in the markets in which they operate.

According to the Ministry of Finance, by the end of July, 75% of transversal public expenditure are covered by these tenders and conditions are created to allow the State to save, in the first two years of the framework agreements to be signed, a global amount of 150 million euros in the acquisition of goods and services launched «.

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