ANCP chooses Vortal to provide contracting platform

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Taking another step towards dematerialization, the National Public Procurement Agency (ANCP) assigned Vortal to provide the electronic public procurement platform.

The tender was launched in May and the contract signed in August, according to Jornal de Negócios.

The contract provides for the use of the platform by ANCP and Ministerial Units for the purchase of the 15 ministries, in addition to more than 1,950 entities linked to the national purchasing system and another 150 voluntary entities.

Speaking to the newspaper, Rui Dias Ferreira, CEO of Vortal ao Negócios, argues that this platform is not just software. «We see a platform in a different way and that will have been fundamental. In addition to the software, which has been extensively tested, it has been working in the private sector for eight years and in the public sector for five years and almost 8,000 procedures have already been carried out in the public sector and 800 million euros of transactions «, justifies.

«ANCP has made a considerable effort to develop framework agreements that can save the State a lot of money. This contract is a limited version of the services. When customers opt for all of our services, there are average savings of between 10 and 20 percent . «, says Rui Dias Ferreira.