ANCP chooses electronic purchasing platforms

ANCP chooses electronic purchasing platforms

The public tender is in progress that will select the electronic platforms for public procurement that are qualified to help the ministries and State bodies to complete the dematerialization of their purchasing processes.

The tender was launched by the National Public Procurement Agency (ANCP) on the 19th of November and as explained by a statement from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, it is justified by the need to give to the Central, Regional, Local Administration and public companies «an instrument for contracting electronic platform services, which allows them to fully comply with the dematerialization of all public procurement processes, as of July 30, 2009».

The target is imposed by the new Public Contracts Code and ancillary legislation, approved last July, establishing the conditions and requirements for the dematerialization of purchases.

The platforms that will be selected in the context of the tender will have to fulfill these obligations in order to become part of the catalog of possible options (framework agreements) and thereafter be effectively contracted by the entities that need these instruments.

The contest is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.

The deadline for submission of proposals is next January 12th.

It is recalled that all ministries have already used electronic platforms, some since 2005.

The electronic platforms ensured the purchase pilots that were progressively carried out in all ministries and have remained in use until today.

With the launch of the contest, the ministries will start to see the possibility of using the platforms recognized without the need to hold individual public tenders.