Ancine denies that he will tax YouTube videos

YouTube leads among video apps on Android

Ancine denied, through a press release, that it will tax YouTube videos – after rumors suggest that any audiovisual work would be required to pay Condecine.

Read the full note:

“Normative Instruction No. 134 published by Ancine starts to recognize audiovisual advertising on the Internet as a market segment for the collection of Condecine.

The standard only reaches audiovisual advertising content produced for public broadcasting at a minimum of 23 frames per second, thus excluding animated GIFs and other advertising banners produced in other similar technologies from the scope.

It is also worth clarifying that merchandising inserted in non-advertising works also does not entail collection of Condecine ”, says the note.

According to the agency, only Condecine should collect audiovisual advertising works broadcast on the internet.

Thus, there is no fee for personal videos, gifs, memes, stories or any other format.