Anatine – A great new Twitter client


You who like to stay connected on the 140 characters social network through apps will love Anatine, it is simple, it is functional and it simply does what needs to be done. Learn more about the application:

I ended up discovering Anatine by chance doing some research on GitHub and in the end, I installed and have been using the application for over two weeks, it really is very cool and very efficient too.

Anatine Linux

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Anatine resembles many Twitter applications for mobile devices, so it has all the basic functions of Twitter itself with everything you could want from a Web application, it also has integration with Ubuntu indicators and other interface applets, from so that it is very easy for you to access Anatine whenever you want and leave it open without disturbing you at all.

Anatine also has a “Dark” version in its theme, to activate the appearance just press the shortcut keys: Ctrl + Shift + D. The application is also compatible with Windows and Mac, in addition to Linux, you can download directly from the ṕpage on GitHub, just click on the button below, in it you will find more information about the application as well.

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