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Anatel's new application shows the quality of operators across the country

THE Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) today launched an application that has a single purpose: to allow users to view the quality of national operators.

Anatel Mobile Service app icon

The app allows users to see, on the map, the mobile service antennas licensed and active in each municipality in Brazil. It is also possible to find out about the technologies available and to check quality references in the provision of voice and data services for each provider in these municipalities. The user's location can be determined by the device's GPS or manually.

Obviously, the data varies a lot according to the location / municipality. According to Anatel, the reference levels are:

Voice service

  • Network access indicator: minimum 95%.
  • Network drop indicator: maximum 2%.

Data service

  • Network connection indicator: minimum 98%.
  • Network disconnection indicator: maximum 5%.

If the operator reaches these levels, the graph is green; when it is close to the landing, the yellow graph; if you paint a red color, because the numbers are far from ideal.

The information presented is officially made available by Anatel. In order to assess the quality in the provision of mobile service in each municipality in the country, the Agency treats the quality indicators of the antennas and consolidates them, comparing them to benchmarks to be met by the providers.

The app still has a lot to evolve, but it's a good start to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe quality of operators in our municipalities.

(via Folha de S. Paulo)