Anatel defines that it will not prohibit internet limitation


And the controversy continues. Anatel’s president, João Rezende, defined that the agency will not prevent operators from implementing internet-limited franchises if they so wish.

João Rezende defined Anatel’s official position at an event promoted by the Brazilian Association of Internet and Telecommunications Providers, stating that our legislation does not prevent companies from charging for data consumption, applying limits and deductibles, saying that regulating this type of thing it would be a “disincentive to expanding the network”.

We definitely cannot count on the agency to defend our interests, we consumers have to seek out and pressure the politicians we elect to have them represent us, at least once in their lives.

Check here our article on internet limitation, remember that “the ball is still bouncing”, as the Brazilian Senate opened a popular poll to ask people what they think about the matter. The poll is still up and you can still vote.