Anatel approves two Philips products for the Android platform

Anatel approves two Philips products for the Android platform

Anatel approved two new Philips products that are aimed at users of the Android platform: the docking of AS351 / 78 and AS111 models. The consultation and its certificate are already available on Anatel’s own website and can be accessed through this link. Both feature a connector patented by Philips.

Model AS351: A docking station for those who like to listen to music. The speaker plays music with 10W output power and features shielding technology, which blocks interference from other cell phones and results in better sound quality.

The product features a smartly designed FlexiDock connector, allowing you to fit Android phones in any position, regardless of the input position for connecting the Android device.

Its DockStudio application offers a wide variety of exclusive features, including Songbird, a free application that manages playlists with the PC. It can be used connected to electricity or battery, being able to charge a second mobile device via USB, in addition to playing music via Bluetooth. Suggested average price: R $ 499.00

Model AS111: With 4W power omnidirectional sound, the AS111 is designed for smaller environments such as bedrooms and offices. Automatically synchronizes the clock with the Android phone, in addition to having a customizable alarm clock, automatic shutdown timer and adjustable night light.

Music playback can be done via Bluetooth and, from the DockStudio application, the user shares music and photos with friends via social networks. Suggested average price: R $ 399.00